Top 10 Most Paid Jobs of IT in 2020

These are Top Paying Jobs Of IT Field:

In the field of computer science and information technology there are many jobs are being offered in different technology companies depends on the qualification and knowledge of a person. Here we enlisted most top paid jobs in the IT career all around the world. These Jobs are of high-level technology field.

1.Devops Engineers:

Devops Engineers

Devops engineers are the most top paid in the information technology companies. Devops Engineers are IT Professionals which are hired by many of large companies like Adobe, Goldman, Sachs etc. Devops Engineer must have excellent concepts of coding. When a company writes code for a program, there main role of devops engineers involves to manage infrastructure of information technology, they work by implementing principles of devops which automatically deployed whole environment of program development. Devops engineers works in a team and have many responsibilities.

They are get hired by large companies like Adobe, Goldman, Sachs etc.

2.Data Scientists:

Data Scientist are the data expert who have many technical skills with a strong mathematical background. They are get hired due their skills and a well-developed portfolio. They are the best data organizers by using their technical techniques. They are specialist in solving problems and always try to find problems and their solutions. Data scientist are professionals which have main responsibilities of collecting data, analyze the data and interpreting the large amount of data. A large company hire data Scientist as the need of them to build store and manage data in a good manner.

3.Cloud Engineers:


Cloud engineers are Information Technology Professionals and they are the persons who have great knowledge and experience of cloud computing. They use tools on which they have excellent grip. Cloud Engineers are divided in different categories as they are specialized in the categories. They are expert in cloud field as according to their specialization they are Cloud Security Engineers, Cloud Architect, Cloud Network Engineers, Cloud Software Engineer and Cloud System Engineers. The main responsibilities of cloud engineers are to perform cloud computing tasks which may include designs, planning, management, maintenance and support.

They must have skills like:

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Open stack
  • GCP

These may be offered opportunities by GOOGLE, MS AZURE, AMAZON etc.

4.Web Development:

It has been from forecast, in 2023 there will be 27 million active website on the internet. This reveals the importance of Web development. Web Development Include a huge depth knowledge of programming languages in which is directly understood by we browsers. A web developer is a IT Professional which have good hold on logical concept of web programming languages.

Skills Required:

  • C#
  • JavaScript’s
  • C++
  • .net
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Hold on User requirements

5. Business Analyst:

Business analyst

Business analyst is a most top paid and high-performance job. The Job responsibilities of business analyst is to guide businesses in improving processes, their products, services and software by data analysis. This shows the tight line between IT and the business help to bridge the gap in labor productivity and improve efficiency.

6.Cyber Security Engineers:


In the broad field of Information Technology, It is important to protect everything from threats. Cyber Security Engineers are Professionals who create, design, implement and execute secure network solutions which provide a better security to valuable data from threats and hackers. There are many companies which hires the cyber security engineers and cyber security analyst. They are special trained persons and they have skills of networks, Operating Systems, Risk management, Monitoring etc.

They got opportunities in many large companies like HUAWEI, AMAZON, VISA etc.

7.Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineer:


Machine Learning engineers are top most paid engineers around the world. The main responsibilities of Machine learning engineers are to implement their knowledge and experiences on machines so that they could work like humans. They develop some algorithms and work on them to make them better. Then they create programs using those algorithms to apply on a machine. They use most high technology. The have a good demanding job around the world in many companies.

8.Database developers:

The main responsibilities of database developers are managing the database infrastructure of a company. They also create new database for company. They are hired by many large leading companies on the basis of their skills and experience in managing database. They have great hold and experience of MySQL. They also have abilities to solve problems and troubleshooting.

Skills Required:

  • MySQL
  • NoSQL
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML

9.Full Stack Developer:

 Full stack developers is a web developer which can develop a website’s both front end and back end. Front end is the client site display through which user access website. Back end refers to the server side on which the whole environment of website is developed by a developer. Full stack developer refers to the developer who can develop both client side and server-side development. These are also most highly paid by companies. Most of companies hire full stack developer which are efficient and have good skills.

Skills required: Full stack developer must have good experience of

  • UX/UI Design
  • Hosting relational and non-relational
  • Qualitative analysis of databases
  • Security analysis
  • Must ensure the needs of Customer requirements

10.Computer Programmer:

Computer Programmer also highly paid by companies which develop computer programs. They are IT Professionals. They write programs in a language which is directly understood by machines. They work directly with software engineers and they analyse the systems and by system analyst they convert software code into logical instructions.