Punjab University Decided to conduct B.com Exam Online

Punjab University, PU Lahore, has announced the B.COM 2020 online exam. It is notified that the university will now take the b.com exam online.B.COM Papers will only be based on MCQS. There will be no subjective paper. The decision is taken after consultation with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Punjab. Online exams will help students manage easily during the COVID-19 pandemic.I

Exams of BA/B.Sc 2020 is not confirmed how they were held.But It is also expected that the BA BSc exams will be conducted online. The university has started collecting e-mail addresses and whatsapp numbers of registered BA/B.Sc. students. All students enrolled in the PU BA/B.Sc. 2020 exams must send the data to the university by May 10 at the latest. This data collection also shows that PU is also planning online exams for BA BSc students.