Ehsaas Labour Nadra Gov Pk Cash Program for Needy people apply online

Ehsaas Labour Nadra Cash Imdad Information:

Prime Minister announced the ehsaas lbour cash imdad program for the people of Pakistan who are effected and lost their jobs due to Pandemic Covid-19.In this regard,they launched this programme to provide relief to the public of pakistan which extremely at low level and are poor.The whole information and collecting of data is performed by online form submission.The data is processed and checked by Nadra database.After the whole process these relief will be provided to the eligible persons.

All the applicants for this program should be apply online carefully.The relief of 12000/- will be provided to those needy poor people who could not get relief from Ehsaas emergency cash program.Under this programme it has made mendatory to provide relief to only those people who lost their jobs during lockdown due to Covid-19 Corona virus.So keeping in mind all the situation of labour and needy poor people the program named Ehsaaslabour Program.

To apply and for more information they launched a web portal name

This program will run under a good working team.It has been announced that so far under this program, Rs83 billion had been appropriated among 6.8 million families in three weeks.This is generaly designed for those needy and eligible people who lost their positions and stop working due to Pandemic Covid-19.

How to apply for

The complete method to apply for ehsaaslabour program is given below:

  1. Type in your browser or clickk Here:
  2. Bring Your ID Card in front of You

3. Enter Your ID Card

4.Mobile Number

5.Mobile Operator Jazz/Warid/Telenor/Ufone/Zong

6.Enter the code written in box as sim in the blank Box

7.Click on Submit.


In second Step:

  • Confirm Your ID Card Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Name
  • Source of income and monthly income
  • Last day of Your job
  • Disst and tehsil

after completing form submit the form.

After succesful submission on the next step Confirm your entered details and write your Income detail,Job detail and confirm your detail and submit.Your applicatio form will be submitted successfuly to the nadra database.Later on confirmation comittee will verify your entered detail.If you found eligible the confirmation message will be delivered to you on Your Provided contact Number.

The relief of 12000/- will be provided to the peopl who found eligible in the database.